Walking I Spy: A Discarded Needle

On a recent walk with my dog, we found a discarded needle. This finding could have turned dangerous very quickly. #leisureandleashes #discardedneedle #dogs #walking

On a recent morning walk with McCartney, I spotted a discarded needle. What was an enjoyable morning could have turned dangerous very quickly. A Discarded Needle Found While Walking Walking our normal route to burn some extra energy and get in a bit of exercise lead to a potentially dangerous situation. I happened to notice […]

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Our October Carolina Beach Trip

Mom with all the pups on our Carolina Beach trip! #leisureandleashes #carolinabeach

There are a ton of things to do in Carolina Beach, which is just one of the reasons we decided to go there for our anniversary trip. This year we wanted to try something different and had to decide between the beach or the mountains. We frequent the mountains because it’s just a hop and skip […]

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Elliott Doodle – The Baby Brother

Elliott Doodle

This baby brother was born the day before the best holiday ever, Thanksgiving! Yup! It’s the best holiday because I love to eat and Thanksgiving is all about the food. Have you heard about my crazy birth story? Well, you’re in for a treat! I’m Elliott Doodle and I’m going to tell you all about […]

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