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Have you ever stepped on your ears when walking? What about sunbathing until you needed a nap? Have you ever brought joy to strangers all across the world just by posting pictures of yourself on Instagram? I have. I’m Storm the Basset.

storm the basset

Hello, I’m Storm The Basset!

Speaking of bringing joy to people, I came home to my furever family when they were grieving the loss of their previous basset and my angel sister, Carmen. You see, Carmen had just crossed the rainbow bridge a few weeks prior to my arrival. She was only 8.5 years old and had lost her battle with Lymphoma.

From the moment I waddled through the door, I could tell the impact that I was having on my new family. They laughed and smiled, and from that point on I knew that I was a blessing to my awesome new family. I was definitely the Queen of this household and I was the only short-legged dog with long ears around this neighborhood. Storm the Basset was here to stay!

Stormy’s New Sibling

Little did I know, I would be getting another sibling and a different breed than I, and she was going to be my sister. Exactly two weeks later my goldendoodle sister McCartney came into our home. We were best friends from day one, maybe because I had these long, tasty ears for her vampire teeth to feast on. But I loved chewing her fluffy little legs! You can read all about McCartney Doodle here.

McCartney and I instantly became the Queens of the household. We had an entire year to ourselves before Mom decided she needed another goldendoodle, Elliott. We are now known as triple trouble because we are an unstoppable force when together.

Life as Storm The Basset

Living life as a basset hound obviously has its challenges, but I have never let these short legs stop me from doing what I want. I love taking walks with the family even if I can only make it for a short distance, those doodles strides have a ratio of at least 3 to 1. Storm the Basset doesn’t let her height impact her ability to enjoy family time.

I’m not at all ashamed to say that I have been known to lay down during our walk. I’m not at all ashamed to take a rest whenever and wherever I feel the need! My walks tend to be more about the sniffing for any scents that may have been left behind and, of course, being somewhat nosey of my surroundings.

Naps Are My Favorite Pastime

How could I be a basset hound and not love naps? I love a good nap no matter where I am. Hot summer days equate to sunbathing naps, I love the warmth beaming down on my skin until I get hot and, of course, I go in for a nap in the air condition. Mom and Dad always kid about me needing a bassetkini! Maybe we need to launch a Storm the Basset swimwear line?

Green Beans Are My Favorite Snack

When it comes to treats, this girl isn’t about to pass up any food! My goofball brother went to the vet and they said he was a little chunky, so she suggested green beans. We have been hooked on green beans ever since. The power of treats has an effect on the doodles and myself, we seem to listen when we know its green bean time.

There are times when I decide to lay down on walks and you almost need a spatula to pry me off the road, bring out a green bean and I will instantly rise to continue the walk. I have also learned how to work this to my advantage, short spurts of walking mixed with more resting usually equals more treats!  

This Basset Takes The Internet By Storm

You can find me on Instagram as @stormthebasset. When I started on my Instagram account, it was more of an awesome way to share daily pictures of myself and find others like me. Then I started getting more and more interaction and I realized I was gaining some lifelong friendships.

One of my goals in life is to make people smile, and there have been numerous times that I have received a message telling me how bad their day has been until they saw my post, instantly I feel like I have accomplished my goal. What better place to share my daily adventures while watching my friends adventures as we go through life together? It’s simply amazing to be connected to friends all over the world. Make sure you follow me!

The Queen of the Pack

My current role in our pack is the leader! Of course, I was here first and I make all the rules. I like to let McCartney and Elliott think they make decisions, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?

We are a pack of all sizes and we still get along the majority of the time. Personally, I could care less if Elliott is a good 20lbs heavier than I am, I will go head-to-head with him any day! I will say that McCartney is the 2nd in charge and poor Elliott is a follower. He can’t tell us anything because we are Queens!

storm the basset

Adventures of Storm The Basset

My all time favorite adventure was the time that Mom and Dad took McCartney and I with them to Charleston, SC so they could pick out our doodle brother Elliott. We got to play with all the other doodles that were there and of course, they all loved this short-legged basset.

One of my buddies turned out to be the biggest doodles puppies they had and he was already bigger than me! I guess those doodles tend to grow tall quickly. After picking out Elliott, we got to go run and play on Folly Beach in January. We had the beach to ourselves and it was awesome. We even saw dolphins swimming and it was simply amazing.

A fun fact about this trip was the best of two worlds. We went from a fun afternoon on the beach to snow when we returned to North Carolina. That’s one of the awesome things about the Carolinas, you can literally experience multiple seasons in one day according to where you are.

I also love going on short hikes in the Western N.C. and play in those cool mountain streams. We have been doing a little eavesdropping lately and have heard bits and pieces about a trip in October. Mom and Dad have their 8 year anniversary coming up and I think we may just get to go with them. This is going to be an exciting adventure, just don’t tell Mom and Dad about our little secret!

What Storm Doesn’t Like

I don’t have lots of dislikes, but if I have to name a few I will say long walks. These short legs get tired and there is no use to do everything in one day! I can turn a walk into an all-day event very quickly.

One of my other dislikes is on our car ride adventures. The doodles tend to get the back seat and I ride in a travel crate, we get all little excited and worked up and try to play while riding. That’s not the best combination when trying to get somewhere safely. Sometimes if we get really tired after our adventure, we all get in the back seat and sleep on the way home. I really think Mom and Dad need to get a bigger vehicle to haul Triple Trouble around, say maybe a drivable camper for starters!

Bring Joy

If you want to keep up with my adventures and have a little joy in your life, make sure to follow me, Storm The Basset, on Instagram!