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It can be quite overwhelming to figure out all the supplies you need for a new puppy! We know, we have three of our own pups. This is why we created this new puppy shopping checklist with the top 15 essentials! We hope this checklist will help you and your new fur baby’s transition go as smooth as possible. Don’t forget to grab our free printable!

The New Puppy Shopping Checklist

There is so much out on the market, it is hard to know what to buy for a new puppy. Do you really need this toy or that bed or those treats? What will you really use for your new dog now and later?

New Puppy Shopping Checklist Printable featuring golden doodle puppy

As experienced dog owners, we put together this checklist because we know what you really need as a new puppy owner. These 15 essentials are items that we personally purchased and used with our three dogs.

The 15 Essential Items For A New Puppy

1) Dogs are pack animals, they are born as litters, and don’t know anything else. This little snuggle puppy has a heartbeat and warming pack to help your pup feel at ease as he gets used to sleeping without his littermates.

2) The kong is legendary for a reason. There are so many things you can do with a kong: stuff it with treats, stuff it peanut butter and freeze it, or just simply fill it with kibble and let your pup work for her food. Storm prefers her kong filled with green beans and pb!

3) Puppy grooming wipes which are essentially wet wipes for your pup. We used these with McCartney all the time because her fur attracts dirt and she was prone to UTI’s. These were much easier than giving a full bath. Heck, we still use these to wipe poop off their bums when they have a little friend hanging out.

new puppy shopping checklist

Puppy Identification

4) You will want to get your new fur baby used to wearing a collar. She’ll have to wear one when she goes to the vet or any place in public. Make sure to get one that will fit. Puppies of the same breed may come in various sizes, even when born to the same litter.

5) Get both your’s and your dog’s information engraved on a tag. You never know when they may get loose and sprint off. If you don’t have a tag on their collar and someone finds them, they won’t know where they came from and how to get them back home.

6) A tag clip is the easiest way to hook on tags. When we go to the dog park, we have to take our rabies vaccine tag. With the tag clip, we just leave the rabies tag on it at all times and then simply clip it on before we go to the park. Easy peasy.

Gear For Walking Your New Puppy

7) When you take your little guy on a walk, you’ll want to make sure you have a harness that fits. Harnesses help prevent pulling as well as the coughing a dog does when pulling. That coughing noise you hear, it’s your dog’s trachea and we don’t want it to collapse. McCartney started with an XS harness and Elliott started with a M. Same breed of dog, so make sure to fit it!

8) I’ll admit it, I’m a leash snob. Under no circumstances should you ever use a retractable leash. Don’t do it unless you want to lose a finger or have your dog’s leg cut in half. I’m not even kidding. I’ll save the rest of my rant for another day, but a 4-6ft leash is a perfect length for a new puppy. Start using this when you take your pup outside for potty breaks and when you walk them. This helps them get used to wearing a leash.

9) Poop bags because no one wants to step in shit. Don’t be that dog owner. And these are seriously our favorite kind. We’ve used a TON of them and we always take them on our hiking adventures and trips like this one to Carolina Beach!

new puppy shopping checklist

Your New Puppy’s Crate

10) All three of our puppies came home to their own crate with a divider. You want to give your pup just enough room for them to turn around and lay down comfortably. If you give your new puppy too much room, they will potty in the crate. I did not want to buy more crates down the line, so I got the size suggested for their breed with a divider.

11) No one wants to lay on hard plastic, not even a puppy. Use a crate liner to pad the crate for your new fur baby. If you make the crate comfortable, they are going to like being in there!

Eating, Drinking, & Treat Essentials

12) Have you seen the meme about puppies actually being dinosaurs? It’s actually true. Puppies need something to teeth on, just like humans. Instead of letting your hands and arms become their go-to, have these pumpkin teething rings on stand-by. These things were a lifesaver for McCartney’s mouth, my arm’s, and poor Storm’s ears!

13) Stainless bowls stay clean and don’t slip on slick surfaces. We have two of them just for water!

new puppy shopping checklist

14) Sometimes puppies like to gobble their food up. Elliott certainly gobbled his up and still does, so this slow feeding bowl helped him think about his eating. Slower eating helps to prevent bloat, which can impact larger breeds like basset hounds and goldendoodles.

15) Want to reward your new puppy? Give him half of one of these Zuke’s Treats and he’ll be as happy as a clam. Treats are also great for training your new puppy commands like sit and down.

Getting Ready For Your New Puppy

While you are making all the fun plans to bring your new puppy home, we suggest taking this checklist with you as you go shopping.

However, a few weeks prior to your new puppy coming home is the ideal shopping time. That will give you a little bit of time to fill in any gaps if you decide to go beyond the basics and spread out the purchases. We know a new puppy is not a cheap experience!

Free Printable – New Puppy Shopping Checklist

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new puppy shopping checklist