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Fluff and bones. And puppy fangs. At 6.3lbs, I came home to my pawrents and big sister, Storm the Basset, as nothing more than a cute vampire. This girl instantly fell in love with her furever home and became known as McCartney Doodle.

mccartney doodle

McCartney Doodle the Parti Girl

My name is McCartney Grace and I am a parti goldendoodle. A parti goldendoodle is a pattern that is one color mixed with white. In my case, I’m a black and white parti. This leads to a lot of confusion because people think I’m a Portuguese Water Dog, but I’m not. I’m McCartney Doodle.

Two weeks following Storm’s arrival to Mom and Dad’s, I came home. When I arrived, I knew I had my work cut out for me fitting in with my cute long eared sister Storm. But, I *knew* that Mom was *my* human. Pretty immediately, I became her girl. While Stormy is Dad’s girl, I’m Mom’s first ever pet. She had some growing up that were family pets, but I’m her first ever pet that she has cared for on her own. And let’s be real, I’m more than just a pet, I’m her baby.

McCartney Doodle & The Funky Bunch

Storm and I were both small when I came home, so we grew up and learned the ropes together. We played together, ate together, and even got into trouble together! We have an inseparable bond. From the moment I met Storm, I knew that my life was going to be amazing and full of adventures.

I knew that my family had gone through some sad times not long before the two Queens showed up, but I knew that we would bring a lifetime of memories. A tall doodle and a short-legged basset, what an awesome adventure in the making!! You can read more about Storm the Basset here.

Little did I know, Mom had always been thinking of having two doodles so we all agreed that we would welcome another doodle, our brother Elliott. And this is how we went from double trouble to triple trouble! Thankfully, we had a full year of Mom and Dad to ourselves before Elliott came home!

Doodle Do Do Do Life

Living life as McCartney Doodle has been amazing. I have always been more on the slim side, but, hey, I keep my figure in tip-top shape! Mom even says I have model legs! Storm has always been bigger than me weight wise, but I have her beat in height by a long shot. I came home with this amazing black and white fluff, and my colors just pop in any background. I’m shy around new people and I’m definitely not letting people touch me until I say the time is right.

Shark. Vampire. T-rex. Puppy Teeth.

In my early days, I had these vampire teeth and I just loved to show Mom and Dad how they worked on their arms. Poor Stormy had these long dangling ears that sparked my interest and I have loved chewing on them from then on. My sister has always been a good sport when it comes to having fun and teaching me things. On the opposite side of the spectrum from me is Elliott. We are both doodles but he is chunky and I’m fit, he is slow and I am fast. 

McCartney Doodle

McCartney Doodle’s Favorites

Some of my favorite things to do to have fun include running, jumping, adventures with my family, canine classes, and, of course, treats. When it comes to running, I feel so free and fast and I absolutely love being chased. It’s actually so funny to watch Storm chasing me because I leave her at the start, and when I look back I’m always like where are you at Stormy. Elliott, on the other hand, is pretty fast and he gets a little carried away, he’s not the brightest bulb if you know what I mean.

I also love to jump. My jumping skills have also lead to many epic pictures for Dad over the years. You should see his face when he captures me. I also love going on family adventures whether it’s to the mountains, the beach, or anywhere in between. Family time is one of the things that we look forward to on a daily basis. I love hiking because sometimes it means I get to go on a trip with Mom and Dad because Stormy’s legs are too short to walk for long distances and Elliott gets lazy.

I also love treats but I don’t usually need treats to keep me motivated when I’m out and about and you don’t have to carry a spatula to get me off the ground! I was also the valedictorian of the majority of the canine classes that I took. I actually did really well in class and I loved meeting new breeds of dogs. It was always funny to watch the owners of smaller dogs think that I would automatically harm their little dogs. I’m a gentle giant and actually prefer the company from smaller dogs, I guess so I can be the leader!

Let’s Be Friends. Online.

This girl can be found on Instagram as @mccartneydoodle. When Mom and Dad created these accounts we never thought about having as many friends as we currently do. I document my daily adventures and love to share with people all over the world, that makes it even more special. I want to contribute to as many smiles as possible, smiles are contagious! 

Queen of the Pack

I have a little secret, I let Stormy think she is the leader of our pack, but what she doesn’t know doesn’t hurt her, right? I’m definitely the Queen! Elliott is pretty much non-existent when it comes to leading, he just too dopey. I actually think it’s been better to have dual Queen leaders in our pack, we have more fun by pushing Elliott’s buttons. Our roles in the pack allow us to get things done and we even have our own personal security that loves to tag along with us.

Adventures with McCartney Doodle

My favorite adventure thus far has been going to Charleston, SC to let Mom and Dad pick out a younger but bigger brother. Stormy and I got to play with lots of other doodles and even got play on Folly Beach while watching the dolphins swim.

Too bad we couldn’t figure out how to get out there and swim with them. It was amazing to be on the beach early in the day and then see snow when we got home. That meant snowball fight the next morning. Snow is one of my favorite things because I love running around and jumping in it!

We have some of the best weather here in NC and can experience 4 seasons in a day. We have also went on many mountain trips to hike and play in creeks which have been awesome as well. We love spending time in nature and meeting new people on our hikes, they always have good things to say. People really love Triple Trouble.

No Photos, Please.

I don’t have too many dislikes, but one of the biggest is random people trying to touch me. Nope, not going to happen! I’m also no fan of anything with wheels, if it rolls–keep it away from ME! And don’t even THINK about taking my picture. When Dad brings out his phone near me, I know he’s trying to take a picture, so I move to the other side of the room.

I guess you can call me timid, but when a girl knows what she doesn’t want to be around, why not let her be? Another one of my dislikes is being brushed, thats also why from time to time Elliott and I have to get cut really short. Oh well, no one said it was going to be easy to please a doodle.

Look But Don’t Touch

Let’s be internet friends for real though. Come on over to Instagram and follow McCartney Doodle now!