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This baby brother was born the day before the best holiday ever, Thanksgiving! Yup! It’s the best holiday because I love to eat and Thanksgiving is all about the food. Have you heard about my crazy birth story? Well, you’re in for a treat! I’m Elliott Doodle and I’m going to tell you all about it and everything else you need to know about me!

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Elliott Doodle – Fluffy Not Fat

From the moment I was born, everyone knew I was going to be a special boy. My birth mom Kenzie had 9 puppies and her breeder mom thought she was done whelping. Well, apparently she wasn’t finished. Four hours after the last puppy, I made my appearance in this world! My breeder mom actually thought I was another one of the puppies and had her husband rush me to the ER vet. Quickly they realized I was the tenth and final puppy to my birth mom Kenzie.

My furever family came to pick me out from my litter in January, just two months after I was born. Apparently, they thought that my fluffy butt was cute and they were smitten! Did you know that my sisters actually helped pick out my name, Elliott Doodle? Yup! Mom let them paw on a peice of paper and they both picked Elliott!

The Baby Brother

I came home just a year after the Queens of the house. What were Mom and Dad thinking about bringing a handsome doodle home to two sisters? I wasn’t sure what to think by being the only guy but it’s been great! Elliott Doodle is the king of this castle!

Together we have made an amazing pack and we get lots of interaction with people and other animals. I like to think of myself as the King around here and I know that I call all the shots. I also try to keep order between Storm and McCartney, you know how girls tend to be! Mom and Dad also like me to have a mohawk, they say it makes me look tough! I like to say that I’m a little fluffy instead of chunky, just sounds better to me.

This Life is Pawsome!

I really love food, it’s basically what I live for! My veterinarian even told me that I needed to lose a little weight because she couldn’t feel my ribs. Sorry lady, this boy needs food. This is where Elliott Doodle’s love for treats comes into play, the Vet also had a suggestion for green beans. These have turned out the be amazing, I think I love them more than regular food but you have to eat whatever is in front of you.

Fun fact: when I was a puppy with my littermates, I would eat all the food. My breeder parents actually had to seperate me from the litter during meal time so I wouldn’t eat my brothers and sisters food. You could say I’m a professional dieter.

Elliott Doodle’s Favorites

Besides food, some of my favorite things include: treats, sitting inside, naps, and occasional hikes. I love doing most things that don’t require me to overexert myself, like sitting in the air conditioning indoors.

Dude, I love being a lazy and stubborn doodle. The funny thing with me is that I’m not a big fan of walking around our neighborhood, but take me on a mountain trail and I will move like you have never seen. Why? I love choosing my battles and there are plenty of new smells in the mountains that keep me going.

I also really love my Nana! Besides my Pawrents, my Nana is my favorite hooman! She is so sweet and loves to pet and cuddle me. And she tells my mom and dad to leave me alone about being fluffy. I love to send her videos of me talking! She tells me she loves my videos. We also FaceTime at least once a week! I’m a tech savvy dood!

Elliott Doodle

My Eyelashes Brings All The Girls To The ‘Gram

I love sharing pictures of my adventures, naps, and laziness on Instagram! You can find me over there as @elliottdoodle! Since my sisters have their own Instagram accounts, of course, my pawrents knew I needed one too! The Queens and I even use the hashtag #saunderspack so you can follow it to keep up with us!

All the girls love my mohawk, but even more than that they love my eyelashes. I have had plenty of people wanting to borrow them! Heck if I could rent out my famous Elliott Doodle lashes, I would because I could make lots of money to buy more treats! Give me a follow on the ‘gram and I’ll follow you back! I love making new pawsome friends!

Elliott Doodle is the Protector of the Pack!

My role in our dog pack is the protector! I’m not about to try and lead the Queen Bees. There is nothing wrong with pulling up the rear on our adventures, I am the protector of my sisters. Plus, being in the back I can keep an eye on my sisters.

I’m the big and goofy brother that mopes along but in a time of need, I can move fast. You know how some people are natural leaders and some are followers? Well, I have come to the conclusion that as long as there are treats involved I don’t really care if I’m always bringing up the rear.

Let’s Be Adventurers!

My favorite adventures thus far have been our mountain trips to play in the creeks. I was stubborn on this one short hike, but once we made it to the water, I was all about splashing. Elliott Doodle loves some creek splashing! But, please don’t get confused with creek water and bath water–they are VERY different!

I have also been doing a little eavesdropping and may have heard about an upcoming trip to the beach with the family for Mom and Dad’s anniversary soon. I’m so glad Hurricane Florence didn’t destroy our destination! This will be the first beach trip for Triple Trouble and it sounds amazing. Any family adventure is amazing for us, we have so much fun and get lots of attention. I’m just not sure if I’m going to like all this sand stuff.

What This Dood Doesn’t Like

My number one dislike is anything strenuous that I don’t have to do, like walks. I’m kind of stubborn as a mule. Mom and Dad have to pull me a little gently on walks because im not about to keep McCartney’s prancing pace or Storm’s basset trot. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Another one of my dislikes is anything dealing with grooming. I can’t stand baths, hair bushing, nails, and the list goes on and on. I like my natural doodle fragrance and it shall not be destroyed. McCartney and I both hate being brushed so you may see us fluffy one day and the next we may have short hair, thanks Mom! One day things may change but as of now, keep those brushes AWAY from us!

Bubba Boy

Do you have nicknames? I sure do! My mom calls me Bubba a lot. I’m actually wondering if that’s my real name. Hmm. Maybe you can ask her for me?

Anyway, let’s be friends! Come on over to Instagram and keep up with Elliott Doodle’s adventures–or lack of exertion. Ha! Have a good day, friends!