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Being a dog dad is full of amazing experiences! From their days of dependency as a puppy to bringing joy at any age, in the process, you have gained life long friends.

Proud Dog Dad Experiences Joyful Moments

Becoming a dog dad is such an amazing experience. Since we don’t currently have kids, I rate this just as special. Over the last 3 years, I’ve been blessed with three awesome pups which bring so much joy into our daily lives! Make sure to check out the introduction posts for each dog here: Storm, McCartney, & Elliott.

The joys of being a dog dad are plentiful. Read about my experience as a dog dad! #leisureandleashes #dogdad #pawrent

Becoming a Father Figure and Not Just a Dog Dad

One of the awesome experiences of becoming a father figure to canines is that you have a hand in molding them into what they become as adults. From working dogs to companions on a hike, it’s all within reach.

From my experience, raising a canine from 8 weeks old to an adult is such a rewarding experience of which many memories are made. Yes, its work, but everything worth obtaining takes work, right?

Fathering Canines – Early Challenges to Awesome Pet

From day one there are many obstacles to be successful when raising an awesome dog. One of the main issues is potty training, nothing consistency can’t fix! Potty training is fairly quick if you stay consistent with frequent bathroom breaks. In our situation, this was a rapid success.

Dogs are typically fast learners if you put in the time. They want to please you and not be despised by you! Over the next few months, you will get a variety of hand on experiences in molding your forever friend! This is virtually no difference in how we shape our human kids. Even though they are human, I still like the use the treat others as you want to be treated doctrine.

Becoming a Lifelong Friend

As simple as this sounds, it’s still words to live by! I see is all too frequently, people giving up their animals because times get tough. If you honestly don’t have time for a pet at day one, then why waste your time or theirs to just give them up when they get older?

I know there are situations beyond your control, but animals do need time as well so if you aren’t willing to put in the time, then pet ownership might not be for you.

Dog Dad Relationships Are FURever

Becoming a life long friend with my 3 dogs has been simple. How you may ask? I treat my little friends just like I did with my wedding vow! I plan to be there for all the good and bad times that we may be faced with.

This will definitely make your relationship with your dogs as a dog dad stronger. If you don’t believe me, take a moment to look into your pet’s eyes and watch their tail wag, nothing but LOVE! Canines are committed to lifelong relationships and bring so much love into our lives!

Adventures as a Dog Dad

You couldn’t find a better companion for all your adventures going through life! Whether you have a bad day at work to hiking a trail, this is your partner in crime.

Canines can definitely brighten the worst of days, and fairly quickly at that! There is nothing more fascinating than the loving bond between a dog dad and a dog.

Companions For Adventures

Raising a puppy through adult creates an unbreakable bond that only pet owners will know! This companion will never talk back to you and is always so excited to make you happy.

Don’t believe me? Have you ever noticed when you leave your dog at home and return five minutes later and it’s like you’ve been gone forever? This is what a true loving bond looks like.

As a dog dad, I personally love the joy of watching our three dogs when they get excited about our outdoor adventures. It’s so refreshing to see how simple things are like kids in a candy store! Amazing!

Conversation Starter When Out and About

We have witnessed on numerous hiking adventures, many individuals that love our dogs and this sparks a conversation or even a quick photo to show someone our dog. Dogs just bring so much joy to their surroundings!

It’s also rewarding to hear someone out in the remote wilderness say that they follow our dogs on Instagram. I know they are special but this adds another level of special in my book! Such a proud dog dad moment.

Being a Dog Dad Makes Talking Easier

Have you ever been out on an adventure and ran into someone that is all excited because they know your dog? Usually, they say, “I know you!” Funny thing is, they are talking about your dog and not you! Ha! It goes to show how small of a world we actually live in.

While my wife and I are both introverts, easy conversations starters are always a plus on remote trails. These conversations can range from bonding experiences to suggestions of where we should go on our next adventure.

You just never know who you might run into and what positive impression you will leave on them. Not all people are bad, so interactions can be rewarding on all levels.

Documenting Our Pups Lives on All Stages is Rewarding

One of my main goals of documenting my pups lives is to watch them grow daily. This dog dad loves reminiscing different times of my dogs’ lives.

Personally, I strive to take daily pictures to share on Instagram accounts, you never know when you might brighten a day!

Dog Dad or PUParazzi?

Pictures can paint a story from the past and help relive memories. I lost my previous basset hound to cancer, and from that day forward, I made the pledge to always document as much as is possible.

Phones capable of taking pictures, grainy at that, were fairly new but as time has gone on, they have gotten much better to document our daily lives.

Call me crazy, but all three of our dogs have their own Instagram accounts to document all our adventures together! My wife, Nicole, likes to call me their Dadager for Instagram!

Being a Dog Dad Provides Joy

Being a dog dad has been wonderful and I wouldn’t change it for anything! Heck if I could, I would have a house full of dogs. Pet ownership takes lots of time and commitment but definitely make life more amazing. My heart overflows with joy each and every day!

If you want to see what it’s like to be a dog dad, check out our pups on Instagram. I’m the guy behind most of the pictures and their posts!