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On a recent morning walk with McCartney, I spotted a discarded needle. What was an enjoyable morning could have turned dangerous very quickly.

A Discarded Needle Found While Walking

Walking our normal route to burn some extra energy and get in a bit of exercise lead to a potentially dangerous situation. I happened to notice a used discarded needle laying on the side of the road. I realize that this is a growing epidemic, but infecting innocent humans or pets just takes it too far.

On a recent walk with my dog, we found a discarded needle. This finding could have turned dangerous very quickly. #leisureandleashes #discardedneedle #dogs #walking

Potential Overdose From a Discarded Needle

One of the main concerns of a used and not properly discarded needle is the potential to come into contact with the needle. Who even knows what used needles contain?! There is always the potential to overdose on whatever drug was used if you are pricked with a used needle.

The drug fentanyl is deadly in even the smallest amounts, as many news outlets are reporting. Fentanyl can kill an average adult with an amount as small as a couple of grains of salt. I’m sure that could instantly kill a dog.

Thwarting Potential Overdose

I had a friend contact me with a helpful solution after I shared my findings on Facebook. They suggested having needle disposal stations set up throughout the county to help eliminate the discarding of used needles.

Even though most addicts aren’t worried about disposal, it could be helpful. It’s more convenient to toss needles wherever than to run the risk of drug-related charges. That friend is already working on getting these stations set up in my area.

A Discarded Needle = Unwanted Diseases

There are many diseases that can be contracted from something as simple as a prick from a discarded needle! I got a little angry when my dog, McCartney, almost stepped on this potential health hazard!

Honestly, I get a little squeamish thinking about contracting diseases by simply getting poked by a needle that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

More Public Outreach Can Certainly Help!

More outreach programs to help educate community members is needed. Many are unaware of the hidden dangers that come along with discarded needles.

Teaching both drug users and non-drug users about the proper disposal of needles will prevent both humans and animals from inadvertently getting pricked! If there is adequate funding in the community, maybe even specialized teams that pick up these discarded needles could improve the situation.

Does This Mean More Criminal Activity?

As with drugs in general, there is always the potential for increased criminal activity. Addicts need their fix, which means they could resort to stealing to pay for their habit. This sort of criminal activity can also turn deadly in a second. Home invasions seem to also be on the rise.

Alerting Officials When Finding A Discarded Needle

Reducing criminal activity can be curbed by alerting authorities in the area if you suspect drug use. I posted a warning on my personal Facebook page so that I could get the word out about finding a discarded needle.

One reason I decided to share this was because many of our neighbors walk their dogs each day on this same route.

Roadside Hazards

Enjoying life with your family and pets shouldn’t bring about health hazards because of someone else’s neglectful actions like a discarded needle on the side of a road. This is a growing epidemic that is now present in all walks of life.

I live in an area that I have considered safe for the majority of my life and this is the first time that I have ever seen anything remotely this hazardous.

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