30 Dog Quotes for the Dog Owner

30 dog quotes to celebrate your best friend! #dogquotes #leisureandleashes #dogs #doglovers #dogmom

As a dog owner, we love our companions and sometimes the best way to express that is through dog quotes. We’ve compiled 30 quotes for dog lovers we love and think you’ll enjoy. Feel free to use these for Instagram captions or whatever strikes your fancy. Thirty Dog Quotes For Dog Lovers Dogs have a […]

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The Joys of Being a Dog Dad

The joys of being a dog dad are plentiful. Read about my experience as a dog dad! #leisureandleashes #dogdad #pawrent

Being a dog dad is full of amazing experiences! From their days of dependency as a puppy to bringing joy at any age, in the process, you have gained life long friends. Proud Dog Dad Experiences Joyful Moments Becoming a dog dad is such an amazing experience. Since we don’t currently have kids, I rate […]

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Walking I Spy: A Discarded Needle

On a recent walk with my dog, we found a discarded needle. This finding could have turned dangerous very quickly. #leisureandleashes #discardedneedle #dogs #walking

On a recent morning walk with McCartney, I spotted a discarded needle. What was an enjoyable morning could have turned dangerous very quickly. A Discarded Needle Found While Walking Walking our normal route to burn some extra energy and get in a bit of exercise lead to a potentially dangerous situation. I happened to notice […]

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Community: Dogs on Instagram

The guy behind Storm The Basset, McCartney Doodle, and Elliott Doodle on Instagram! Learn how I found community through dogs on instagram! #community #socialmedia #dogs #instagram #leisureandleashes

Have you ever found yourself spending endless hours checking out all the different dogs on Instagram? Maybe you have an account for yourself, but do you have one for your dog? I never in my wildest dreams thought about having an account for one dog, much less all three of my dogs. It kind of […]

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Bring Your New Puppy Home – What To Expect

Congratulations, you are ready to bring your new puppy home! Are you freaking out yet? Don’t! You’ll be totally fine! We have created a walkthrough of what to expect when you bring your new puppy home below. Welcome Home, Puppy! Most likely, you will get to pick up your puppy and it will not be delivered […]

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