Benefits of Hiking – Thoughts From The Trail

Three benefits of hiking from Leisure and Leashes #leisureandleashes

Besides the health benefits of hiking, a spontaneous hiking trip can provide many bonuses. Thoughts From The Trail: Benefits of Hiking Recently, I took a trip with McCartney to South Mountains State Park. As we were on the trail, I began to realize there are many benefits of hiking. Alleviate Stress With Hiking One of […]

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Max Patch – Hiking A Mountaintop

Hiking with dogs at Max Patch in WNC!

Our trips to Max Patch in Western North Carolina have been amazing. Out of the 4 years Nicole went to college at UNC Asheville, we never knew of this place. If we did, we would have probably gone every other weekend. If you haven’t been to Max Patch and live close to WNC, you need […]

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