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Our October beach trip is scheduled and Carolina Beach is about to be taken over by a Storm! Literally “Triple Trouble” will take over the beach in the very near future. Nicole and I have our 8 year anniversary coming up on October 24th and we decided we wanted to go on a trip to celebrate. And of course, the pups are coming along for the fun!

Beach, Please! Our upcoming trip to Carolina Beach! #leisureandleashes #beachtrip #carolinabeach #dogtravel

Carolina Beach, Please!

We have always decided to go on more modest trips in the past and this year is no different. We decided to try out AirBnB to find some suitable and pet-friendly locations. Can you believe in this day and time that it’s still hard to find accommodations where you can include your fur-kids that don’t break the bank?

AirBnB on Island Time

In the past, we have had family and friends to watch over our kids when we went on a trip, but this time we wanted to try something new. After countless days of searching, we ran across this cute AirBnB rental in Carolina Beach and it just looked like us. We’ll do a full report when we return!

Neither Nicole or I have been to Carolina Beach, so trying out a new place in the off-season sounded like the right thing to do. Being able to bring two doodles and a basset with us on this adventure was obviously the icing on the cake.

Mountain Air or Beach Sand?

We debated for days weeks between the beach and the mountains. However, we go to the mountains fairly often with the dogs and Elliott hasn’t been to the beach. So we decided on the beach once we found the AirBnB of our dreams!

We’re excited to see Elliott experience something new, but we really can’t wait to see all the pups experience Carolina Beach! We are planning on letting the dogs explore the beach and, hopefully, Carolina Beach State Park. We always like taking the dogs on hikes and get them into their natural element.

Sandy Paws & Happy Hearts

This trip is significant because we haven’t taken the dogs to the beach together and this will be our first overnight trip with them. We are already so excited to see their little faces and hope they have an exceptional time. Nicole and I are celebrating our 8 year anniversary, so this is a celebration for us! We are looking forward to some down time together and enjoying the beach. Happy dogs equal happy marriage around here!

Largest Swimming Pool EVAAAA

Will the dogs enjoy getting their paws wet in the giant swimming pool? We definitely don’t have the answer to that today, but shortly we will know. We have already de-fluffed Elliott and McCartney to help with the sand getting stuck beneath their curls. Stormy has no clue what it means to be a doodle. All the water, sand, and dirt just come right off of her. Basset life is ruff, huh?!

The last time that Storm and McCartney played on the beach was a couple years back in January at Folly Beach, SC. Since it was the middle of Winter, the water was a little chilly. Neither of them wanted to get their little paws wet. We are hoping they will get up the nerve to splash in the ocean at least once on this trip. Dogs are like people at times–some will like the water and some won’t. We shall see!

Hurricanes, Flooding, and Storms

The weather will hopefully be perfect for a Fall beach trip, we are definitely ready to get rid of all this hot and humid weather we have had this summer! Now in the recent weeks, it’s been like hurricane central on the East Coast! Thanks to Florence and Michael there has been lots of destruction. Thankfully the AirBnB that we are intending to stay at survived both Florence and Michael.

Of course, there has been lots of flooding close to where we will be so that always is concerning when it comes to bacteria levels in the waters. We will definitely heed all warnings and if there are none, we are taking full advantage. Those storms are no match for the Storm that’s coming with us.

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

In all my years at the beach, I’ve never had a complete rain out and I’m definitely not looking for one on this trip. Heck, even if it does rain, we will still have fun! How could you not with two doodles and a basset? We are also looking to take advantage of nice days and be able to have dogs on the beach at any time of the day now that it’s in the off-season and not scorching hot.

Happiness is Adventure & Puppies

We hope to accomplish some things while on this trip as well. Since it will be a new experience for all of us, we will hopefully learn some more tips about traveling with dogs while on our adventures. The main goal is happiness and comfort! We will never make our pups do things they aren’t happy doing, that’s cruel!

Triple Trouble & Travel Behavior

We hope to build a little more confidence in McCartney. If you don’t already know, McCartney is shy toward people so maybe she will have some interaction with some humans. We hope to see many smiling people as they see our pups strut their stuff checking out the sand and the water. Smiles can go a long way by helping turn a bad day into a good one relatively quick. You just never know what you might see when will make our appearance.

Elliott might be dopey one minute and jumping like a horse the next. McCartney might be shy and she might be running and splashing around as though she’s in heaven. Then we have Storm, the short legged basset hound that everyone admires. You could very well see her lay down before crossing the road or rolling over in the sand. She doesn’t care, shes a basset!

Carolina Beach, here we come!!

Keep a check on the evening news, you might see “Triple Trouble” dragging Mom and Dad all over the beach, chasing seagulls, or hunting for snacks. In any event, this is going to be a memorable experience that we will cherish forever. Our pups are our kids and we are going on as many adventures as we can throughout our lives together.

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