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Congratulations, you are ready to bring your new puppy home! Are you freaking out yet? Don’t! You’ll be totally fine! We have created a walkthrough of what to expect when you bring your new puppy home below.

Bring Your New Puppy Home - what to expect on the way home with your new pup! #newpuppy #leisureandleashes

Welcome Home, Puppy!

Most likely, you will get to pick up your puppy and it will not be delivered to your home. During this time the puppy may be confused about where its mom is as well as all of its litter-mates. The puppy is going to a brand new environment with new smells, sounds, and sights. The best thing you can do is make this transition as comfortable as possible for your new fur kid.

The Big Ride Home

Starting with the ride home, you want to be cheerful while keeping the shrieking to a minimum. Sometimes puppies can get sick on the way home, so do not bring treats with you. Our suggestion is to let your puppy potty before getting them in the car.

You will need a towel (or two) and maybe even a soft travel crate. A lot of people will ride home with the puppy in their lap, which is fine, but not the safest thing in the world. If you get in an accident, your pup could go flying through the windshield. This is the exact reason we suggest using a soft-side travel crate.

Whining Doesn’t Come With Cheese

If you are not the driver and you have sensitive ears, bring ear plugs. Your puppy will probably whine the majority of the way home. That’s okay. Remember, this is all new to your new pup and it is getting acclimated to the new environment. You can try to use some calming music and some lavender essential oils in the car. We have heard that can also help during car rides and actually use a LITTLE drop of lavender in our car since McCartney does not like rides.

Ear Plugs May Save Your Ears

You may also want to use those ear plugs at night the first few weeks. And prepare for very little sleep. Your puppy is basically a baby dog. We know that sounds very obvious, but many people think their new puppy will come home trained and just know what to do.

Let us give you this little story: the first night Storm was home, she was whining so much Nicole couldn’t stand it. She went into the living room to check on Storm and the poor thing had pooped in the crate, so in the bath she went at 10:30 pm. Storm didn’t whine much after that, but Nicole was so glad she checked.

Meet & Greet On Neutral Turf

Once you arrive home, let your puppy use the bathroom in the grass or other designated potty area. If this is the only animal in your family, you do not have to set up a meet and greet with the other fur kids.

When we brought Elliott home in January 2017, we brought Storm out first and let them sniff. Once Storm had her sniffing in, we took her back in and brought McCartney out. Many trainers suggest a neutral area, but we decided to just go with our front yard and driveway since it was the middle of Winter. Do not do the meet and greet inside, as some fur kids can be territorial and you want to make this process smooth for all your four-legged kids.

Crate Time At Home

Following the meet and greets, it is time to get your new puppy used to its new home. Let your pup sniff around in areas you plan to allow them in. We let our dogs sniff in the living room, kitchen, and dining area.

After a good sniff, you will want to let your pup get used to the crate or kennel you plan to keep them in. For all of our dogs, we decided to use the crate they will need at their full-grown size and use a divider to make it smaller for their puppy months. This was a great solution for us, as it saved both money and space. Here’s the exact crate we use.

Bring Your New Puppy Home – Not THAT Hard

So, it’s really not THAT hard to bring your new puppy home. But you should prepare as much as possible. We hope that our stories will help you in this transition process.

Hopefully, you already have the basic puppy supplies before picking up your new furry friend. If not, make sure to check out our list on the must-have items before bringing your puppy home!