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Besides the health benefits of hiking, a spontaneous hiking trip can provide many bonuses.

Thoughts From The Trail: Benefits of Hiking

Recently, I took a trip with McCartney to South Mountains State Park. As we were on the trail, I began to realize there are many benefits of hiking.

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Alleviate Stress With Hiking

One of these benefits of hiking is alleviating stress. Stress is a silent killer which can creep up on you without you even realizing it! Hiking can be your temporary escape from reality and allow your brain to rest.

Stress Relief on the Trail

All the scents and constantly changing terrain can be mesmerizing and relaxing.

There is something spectacular about being on a trail and feeling connected that gives a sense of peace. The sound of birds chirping to the water roaring over rocks to the musty smell of decaying matter can bring so much joy.

Benefits of Hiking = Exercising

Another benefit of hiking is the wide array of exercising that takes place. Exercising on the trail can be as strenuous as you would like, just pick the appropriate trail and go for it.

Nature in most instances provides free exercise that will guarantee that you use muscles you didn’t know that you had.

Exercise in Nature

From walking flat trails to climbing over large boulders to see that elusive waterfall, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Exercising in nature can also be like a solo sport, you compete against yourself and set your own goals.

These goals can be as simple as completing the intended trail to hiking the nearly 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail and anything in between!

Bonding With Your Dogs

Spontaneous hiking with your dog(s) can be so rewarding. Bonding with your dog is fairly simple to accomplish by letting them be themselves while getting plenty of mental stimulation.

There is a special feeling when your dog gives you that look of excitement with the eagerness to continue. This is the perfect time for little conversation with your dog, even though they won’t talk back, but if they do let me know! This is the perfect bonding time.

Benefits of Hiking With Your Dog

There are many benefits of hiking with your dog from something as simple as safety to staying healthy together. The one great thing about dogs is they will always be by your side, you are their protector and vice versa!

If you hike alone, this is a great way to not feel so alone, you just never know who or what you will come into contact with in remote environments.

Get On The Trail and Reap The Benefits of Hiking

Hiking can be as easy or as challenging as you would like, but that all depends on your intended goal. Get out and enjoy beautiful days with free entertainment. I gave you a snapshot of some benefits of hiking, but there are infinite possibilities when dealing with hiking.

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